Closed Speech - Tupa People testo lyric


All right this song is for the people who don’t throw themselves away
just to fuck’em all
So listen to the lyrics and the fantasy that I gotta dig out to make a shit like that

Came from the hell, they bring you bad luck,
they are the people who were born to fuck
Be careful, stooping to the ground
Be watchful, they will drag you down
Just take it easy, it’s a tough nut to crack
They’re all around you, but you’ll never catch’em
So boys and girls I want you to wake up
The party is over, they’ll always give up

So you can trust in real friendship
Don’t talk to them or you’ll be in deep shit
They are disgraceful, owner of your life
They badmouth you, then smile on your face
Chattered a lot, I might need a gun
Give’em a shot and it will be fun
our poor world doesn’t need these dickheads,
so we will do it and kick their asses

You’re never peaceful, they’ll cheat you again
I’m sick of this shit, I scream my disdain
I spit venom - I hope you’ll spit blood
Don’t piss me off - I’ll cut your head off
Maybe this world will run the same way, but what can I do ?
Wish’em a bad day!
For all these sirs and all these ladies,
I wrote this song and I’m proud of it!


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La canzone Tupa People si trova nell'album Rookies uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Rookies, di Closed Speech

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