Closed Speech - WTFRU testo lyric


You are a shameless whore
You occupied my home
I hate you more and more
Now I’ll start to list your faults
I never said that
I would give you all my things
I never wanted a mistress
So fuck you in the ass
You’re a shame for all the human race
I know that you were a mistake:
your father should have pull it out
before committing shit like that.
And I don’t care if you’ll sue me,
I’m happy to say things like these,
I’m increasingly convinced that
you are just the biggest bitch.
You never say a word
You’re a hypocrite
You go to the bathroom in pairs
'cause there’s too much shit to clean
This is only the 1%
Of how much you disgust me
I can’t stand you and your smell
I’d rather kiss a pig


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La canzone WTFRU si trova nell'album Rookies uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Rookies, di Closed Speech

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