Clov Travel Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Clov Travel Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Lo-Fi, Sperimentale, Psichedelico 

Bologna (TA), Puglia


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Testo della canzone

Claimed to have found out the wind at Lisbon's doors
the wind that makes flying the children like kites
and twirl my hat, too big hat, down to the beach
and you've picked it up looking my shirt
“Is funny” you said
“Is funny” you said

Remembered having heard the night in an old Morphine’s song
sung in Kiruna, a night without end, an alcoholic night
take my hand, take my eyes, all you want, tell me a story
we could go to sleep
“Day will be soon” you said
“We could start again”

A few friends will stay with you until the end
and in every travel you, you’ll find loneliness
in Kyoto, Madrid, Rome or Seattle my eyes are reborn
“How many secrets can you keep?” you said
“Still you doubt yourself?”

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