COLLO - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Drogaminchiadrago



Testo della canzone

hello boy my name is tom
do you wanna buy some drugs
mushrooms weed or crystal meth
there's enough for everyone

every cash pap give to me
i quickly spend it for my need

shit through thousand wars and seas
this power is all you wish to feel

hello tom my name is bob
nice to meet you i'm a cop
put your hands behind your back
but you first give me this crap

fuck you cop not for the clink
but for the weed it's bad to me
all convicts trying screwing me
i couldn't stand it without some trip

Album che contiene Drogaminchiadrago

album Lavori Pesanti EP - COLLOLavori Pesanti EP
2013 - Alternativo, A Cappella, Garage
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