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Testo della canzone

she wakes up early takes a brick
with a shotgun hidden in her sleeve
ok then, now she really seems upset
and something's gonna end today

oh god she's over there, blocked your way
with a firm intent to blow your face

we need to take a break 'til someday
when we'll meet again face to face

wait i got two children on my back
doesn't matter cause you're going to hell
what a shame should have done more skill upgrades
even better not to break my ass

you had to do this thing in your way
and now sure as hell you're going to pay

we had to take a break 'til this day
when we met again face to face

ain't got time to think about your babe
until i'm done with you she'll have to wait

Album che contiene Load It On Sunday

album Lavori Pesanti EP COLLO
Lavori Pesanti EP 2013 - Alternativo, A Cappella, Garage

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