COLLO - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Magatette



Testo della canzone

shit you gonna taste some of my fists
and you're gonna have me some fun
you won't make it to the door
you should have left

oh shit, what the fuck, you got tits
i couldn't tell before,
so please pardon me and will you be my
holy crap uh

super passion from my guts
just a second i'm done

no you're not that kind of bitch
who jams with junk as me
i treated you like a witch
but your hips are

all passion with impression
beers and spells wrong match up

nasty session mostly mess
just a second so fucked

wrong impression almost done
ultra finger oh fuck

my confessions are for fun
some jujitsu oh god

Album che contiene Magatette

album Lavori Pesanti EP - COLLOLavori Pesanti EP
2013 - Alternativo, A Cappella, Garage
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