Friends [ep]

Friends [ep]


2016 - Psichedelia, Jazz, Alternativo


The idea was to distribute some of our compositions amongst musical friends. So we gathered some fellow musicians, each with different backgrounds and entrusted them with the chance to express their own creativity and ideas. Rubbing a little bit of magic on each piece, so to speak. An open expression of what musical inspiration can create. Something unique, yet universal.


All songs written by
dresda bàruch

Arturo Limiti - vocals, guitars
Tommaso Bertola - guitars
Marco Carlone - vocals, drums
Valentina Piva - vocals, keyboards
Dario Castellar - bass, guitars

dresda bàruch ("L'irredenta Rijeka", "Vlak", "My Love's Another Kind")
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Paolo Gibin, Matteo Nigrotti and dresda bàruch @ DamJam Studio (To) in January, 2016

Indianizer+Maniaxxx ("Disorder In Varanasi")
Recorded at Gasgas House by Indianizer, Maniaxxx and Luca Morino
Mixed at Docks Dora by Luca Morino, Indianizer and Maniaxxx
Mastered @ Zero dB Mastering by Andrea Prato

Ronny Taylor ("Beijing")
Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Casa di Beppe by Giuseppe Franco and Ronny Taylor

Matteo Tambussi ("A New Error")
Recs, mix and production by Matteo Tambussi at Alphaville Audioblog

Deian Martinelli ("Dictator")
Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Acoustic Glabroland Studios by Deian Martinelli

Calista Records, 2016


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