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Descrizione a cura della band

MONTANA: All songs are written by Montana, except “Cervello” by I Fichissimi, released by Goodwill Records in 1995 on the 7” compilation “Do It Yourself”.

ORNITORRINCOS: All songs are written by Ornitorrincos and Jonas Dalacorte (dpsmkr), except “Inverno” by Insekto, recorded and released by Scream Noise in 1998 on the self-titled demo-tape. In this recording the bass was recorded by Jonas Dalacorte (dpsmkr), except in “Inverno”.


Released in April 2016 by:
CRAPOULET RECORDS (France) - www.crapoulet.fr
ANNOYING RECORDS (Italy) - annoyingrecords.altervista.org
NO GLORY RECORDS (France) - nogloryrecords.fr

MONTANA: Produced by Michele Conti and Montana. Recorded and mixed by Michele Conti in October 2015 in Fano (PU), Italy. Drums recorded at Caffiero Studios with the help from Alessandro Gobbi, all the rest was recorded at Michele Conti’s Studios.

ORNITORRINCOS: Produced by Diego Poloni and Ornitorrincos. Recorded and mixed by Diego Poloni in January 2016, in Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil. Drums were recorded at Dub Studio with the help from Fabio Gabardo. Guitars recorded at Floyd Estúdio. Voices and bass recorded at Poloni’s House.


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