Rare Earth: Noble Gases (+ Concepto: Desperato)

Rare Earth: Noble Gases (+ Concepto: Desperato)


2013 - Lo-Fi, Folk, Post-Rock


This is split record featuring The Frozen Fracture and Mr60. It is the second volume of the 5 Pezzi Facili split series. Mr.60's "Concepto:desperato" is a metaphoric journey through which the band explores its vast compositive possibility given by ability of the members to play several instruments. The mellow and subtitle irony of which this halp of the EP is impregnated constitutes Mr 60s trademark. The Frozen Fracture contribution "Rare Earths Noble Gases" is also a time-travel journey combining songs recorded using Fisher-Price microphones, VHS recorder and other sort of oddity. It is an unusually random brick-a-brak and the ultimate experience of a musical project failure.


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