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Compiled by Andypop, "We Play Garage" gives space and visibility to emerging "Garage, Future and Bass-House" musical paths, looking for languages ​​that are able to interpret the future. For this reason, Elastica Records decided to promote these musical experiences, continuing its long journey towards an open and multi-faceted dimension of the not aligned dance music. Within "We Play Garage Compilation" you will find a handful of tasty tracks by Italian talented producers, each of whom will provide their own peculiar vision of an evolving musical style.

Release Date: 27/10/2014 (


Andypop: Acid Life / F-Other aka MOTHER INC: Away From Me / Kappasaur: Dawn / Gropina: Only You / Withthefox: Ever No Stop / Captcha Bless: Genistas Riddim / Cukiman: It Gets 2 Me / Fabio Bacchini: Feeling This / Bist: Wry / Plato & Imo: Balance / Spacedrome: Dosha / Killeralien: Mephisto

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