The Invisible Journey

The Invisible Journey


2017 - IDM, Nu jazz, Trance


Third EP by Counterfly. Release date: 13.10.2017 (
If there is one thing that you wouldnt expect from our latest Broque EP then it is the fact that its producer Lorenzo Olivieri reached just his early 20s. Thats remarkable in particular when considering the ease and confidence with which The Invisible Journey combines jazz funky bass guitars and exalted beat sections even Jimmy Edgar would be proud of only to melt all ingredients into a sampledriven yet contemplative sound hybrid which defies all genre boundaries. Counterflys six new tracks further develop the ideas of his previous EP (Glazed) yet draws its originality less from melodies rather than from contemplative rhythms and harmonies which are formed out of vocals pianos unexpected pan flutes and a somewhat futuristic funkiness. As if this wasnt already one of the most diverse and original amalgams youll hear anytime soon the last two tracks top it off with some dancefloor tunes which (we are certain) you didnt see coming. Jointly produced with Counterflybuddy Ale Pasquali Trials and Errors (in 2 versions) storms onto the dancefloor with untamed energy and immediately wins over dancers hearts and minds with their own definition of an honest oldfashioned and pure trance sound. Not sure how he is ever going to top this: citing Debussy Jimmy Edgar Four Tet and 90s rave anthems within six tracks only.


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