Monkey Garden

Monkey Garden

crampo eighteen

2018 - Blues, Hard Rock


Crampo Eighteen is the solo project of Nino Colaianni former member and co-founder of the italian cult hard-psychedelic band THAT'S ALL FOLKS! He plays rhythm guitar, lead guitar, slide guitar and bass, even trying to sing.


Crampo Eighteen: Nino Colaianni (Vocals, Guitars, slide gtr,
bass, drum machine, synth) - Claudio Colaianni (drums on 3 e 5)
Damiano Ceglie (drums on 6) - Pasquale Boffoli (Harp on 3 e 5)
Drums recorded at Tiberstoned studio by Lorenzo Signorile
(Creepy green light Project studio) - all songs written, arranged,
recorded and mixed by Nino Colaianni


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