album Inter Insaniam et Tempestatem dR1r

dR1r Inter Insaniam et Tempestatem


Kassarmonika / Kassarmonika 2020 - Sperimentale, Nu-Metal, Post-Rock


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Descrizione a cura della band

“Inter insaniam et tempestatem” is dR1r debut ep, conceived in this very strange 2020, where not only did one have to balance his own sanity against the disruptive power of the virus, but also readapt his usual social interactions, that have been replaced by solitude.
All music, mixing and free perception was created by the two authors, working together but alone in their respective home studios in two neighboring countries, although distant but never so connected.


AndrewGrims: guitar/bass and tone shaper
VitPag: vocals/drums and groove master

dR1r is a musical journey that follows “sound landscapes”, instead of focusing on standard “songs”.
Unlike a song, that has more or less a certain structure, a landscape has none, or better, has a very liquid essence for it.
As natural as a visual landscape allows the observer/user to emerge in the experience, a soundscape evolves and changes based on the user’s reaction of distressing voice patterns, distorted maelstrom of guitars with subtle and obscure synths, followed by the obsessive, yet slow, drum parts.
In the end, the exploration of a soundscape, is determined by the user, and what will be his individual core musical experience; with this kind of freedom it enables the user to guide his perception, but also for its creators dR1r, to explore new techniques as, using drones, electronic beats, whispering voices and tons of distortion, that all mixed together paints the soundscape just like a canvas.
Although, apparently dark and obscure, in many of dR1r soundscapes there is always a spot of light, similar to a lighthouse in a wintry sea storm, that, once spotted, may guide the user towards a safe destination or let him contemplate the cold waves crashing.

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