Dark Door

2017 - New-Wave, Elettronica, Dark


"The sound is kinda lo-fi analogue, tight electro / synth-wave. Now two years later, the Italian duo released a brand new album, Inferno, a new chapter and perhaps the definitive breakthrough..." Peek a boo magazine.

Synth Religion is proud to announce the release of "Inferno", the new album of Dark Door
It will be available on CD, 12" black vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and digital


01. Discesa nel buio - 2:00
02. Vuoto - 3:59
03. Inferno - 3:47
04. Caos - 3:31
05. Cambia - 3:43
06. Riflessione 1.0 - 2:40
07. En Barrena (Plagio’s cover) - 3:03
08. Cancellato - 3:36
09. Deforme - 4:11
10. Al di la’ del bene - 2:32

To order your copy

Dark Door is an italian duo from Naples. "Inferno" is a new chapter that marks a major breakthrough for the band in a dark mix of electronic sounds.…


300 copies CD (Glass master), 10 tracks, all lyrics inside the package.
Booklet inside with photos and lyrics.
Typical/retro case jewell box with artwork by Mario D'Aniello.
Photos inside by Francesca Parità & Adriano Lasco.


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