Descrizione a cura della band

Out on Manic Depression Records (FR). 12 brand new tracks of melancholic impact blasting out at the precipice. Definitely the album of maturity for Date at Midnight. The result of a journey, both far from urgency of the debut album and the obscure wall of sound featured on "No Love". The sounds have been cleaned up, enriched by great and dynamic bass lines, very deep and charismatic vocals, and heartbreaking guitar lines. As always the rhythmic of the drums make almost every song a hit.The lyrics are a reflexive and allegoric vision of reality, a contemplation of what is left of existence in today's world, leaving a thin line of intimate hope


Recorded and mixed by Valerio Lundini @ Black Tape Studio, Rome
Mastered by Andrea Merlini
Music by Date at Midnight Lyrics by Daniele De Angelis and Pasquale Vico


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