album Cigarette Sessions David Green

David Green Cigarette Sessions


2014 - Cantautoriale, Rock, Acustico


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Descrizione a cura della band

Davide Verde aka David Green released his first solo acoustic project "Cigarette Sessions" in 2014.
The singer of the rock band V-Device, decided to record a new introspective, meditative, acoustic album to release his pain after a sad period of his life.
The songs are often colored by some pianos and synths which create a sort of ambient atmosphere.
A deep travel into the artist soul.

"Me, myself and my guitar. 
I went through a very bad period and Giacomo Salzano, a true friend of mine, owner of the music studios "Vipchoyo Sound Factory", invited me to play some acoustic tracks to release my pain. 
I found this practice very helpful, I really didn't want to spend much time in producing songs: I just wanted to play and sing. 
As a matter of fact all tracks are live with a very few changes inside. 
I want to thank him and all the friends who helped me in recording this introspective, meditative, acoustic album.
And thanks to all my friends: you know who you are.
In memory of Brad Huff."


Giacomo Salzano (producing, editing, synth), Fabio Di Bonito (synth and keyboards in "Speedy Bird", "Don't Mind", "Into the Moonlight", "Like a Gull", "The Gold Rush"), Raffaele Bocchetti (guitar in "Speedy Bird"), Gaetano Costanzo (bass in "Don't Mind"), Andrea Marra (bongos in "The Man wo walks on the Road"), Sabrina Carnevale (background vocals in "The Gold Rush"), Simone Genovese (audio mastering).

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