Deadline - Excuses testo lyric


I didn't mean it, it was an accident
Yeah it just happened, and hit you in the face
I call it a mistake, oh baby please don't take it
The wrong way! The wrong way!

It has no meaning, it's insignificant
It had you reeling, but there is really no point
In me explaining, or you complaining
Just forget it, just forget it!

I'm not sorry please forgive me
I won't let it happen again
How many times have you heard this story
Every time it's sounding the same

Don't know what happened or what came over me
But it don't matter, I don't care how you feel
Oh don't you get it, oh just forget it
It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter!


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La canzone Excuses si trova nell'album Take A Good Look uscito nel 2009.

Copertina dell'album Take A Good Look, di Deadline
Copertina dell'album Take A Good Look, di Deadline

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