Descrizione a cura della band

“Almost any musiclover will enjoy “Inside Outside”, that takes its time and leisure, to dive into an exciting
– and at the same time relaxing – world, that has been made emotionally and technically exceedingly
diversified.” (D)

“this is an excellent debut. It quietly references a lot of very good progressive acts but also stretches
beyond those”
Sonic (UK)

“Si tratta di un caso raro in cui la varietà è ben bilanciata, poiché non si avverte nessuna
predisposizione verso la ricerca di originalità forzata, e nemmeno verso il conformismo progressive
ispirato dai grandi nomi. Grande personalità dunque già da questo primo disco, e perfetto equilibrio tra
tutte le caratteristiche che un soggetto di buona apertura mentale si aspetta da una band” (I) - post39278

“who likes listening several times to a record to warm up, awaits an interesting record of a band, that
has a great musical potential. Hence I am looking really forward listening also to the next album, cause
when this band finds an own style, or better refines it, they will have a great future”

“... all in all DEEP BLACK SEES transmit more experience than some of the old stagers do. The songs
on "Inside Outside" are refreshingly versatile and appear professional and totally honest. Also the glassclear,
powerful and very balanced sound is really convincing. On this more than promising fundament
the Sicilians will know how to build on.”
Bleeding 4 Metal

“... definitely no run-of-the-mill band ...damn fat and catchy guitar riffs are arranged with rough and
variable vocals in an awesome combination... seven songs that have potential earworm character, are
stylistically assured (including many own ideas) and are never boring. The CD isn´t perfect. But those
who have expected that, should now go to a rehearsal room, be ashamed of themselves and then listen

“Should be something for fans of Amorphis, who also have a very versatile sound. Also not so small
minded Progheads should check it out, mainly in the longer tracks, like the last song which is a burner
and is 10 minutes long. Interesting band, great record.”

“A true pearl ... great melodies... they manage to highlight every song with fantastic choruses, they also
reveal an exciting and versatile songwriting throughout the whole album.”

“ProgMetal though? Neither, because they do not sound for a second like Dream Theater & Co. But like
almost anything else, what makes "Inside Outside" a pleasurable and exciting rollercoaster ride.”


Release date June 27th – 2011

Recorded at RadioStar Studios, Weed, California
Produced by Silvia Massy
Engineered & mixed by Fernando Flores
Mastered by Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering, Carrboro, NC
Executive Producer: Sylvia Massy, Richard J Veltrop
Assistant Engineers: Jay Beste, David Meisster, Glenn Sawyer, Ian Rickard
Distribution: Plastichead/Cargo/Audioglobe


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