Des Moines

2018 - Indie, Folk, Acustico


In 2015 I recorded my first self-titled and self-produced album. It was conceived to be played in loneliness and it mostly was a guitar-and-vocals album. But in 2016, after its 50 copies private press release, I met some people who liked it. Few of them were longtime musician from my hometown and so I asked them to help me re-record some tunes I wrote. We played live in the studio and recorded on tape.


Des Moines is Simone Romei: acoustic guitar and vocals

Diego Bertani: electric guitar
Marco Parmiggiani: pedal steel guitar
Antonio Pollina: mouth organ, Indian harmonium, backing vocals
Andrea Rovacchi: Wurlitzer, piano, tambourine
Andrea Scarfone: bass guitar
Ivan Torelli: acoustic guitar
Ulisse Tramalloni: drums

Recorded by Andrea Rovacchi and Gabriele Riccioni at Bunker Studio, Rubiera (Italy)
Mix and mastering by Andrea Rovacchi
Artwork by Lisa Amerighi


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