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Morning sun è un concept album,le tracce sono disposte in maniera tale da raccontare una storia dall'inizio alla fine (All'album è stato affiancata un testo vero e proprio). Si parte da toni più aggressivi e malinconici fino ad arrivare a sonorità più tranquille e speranzose,dalla notte al giorno.
Morning sun perchè è la canzone da cui è cominciato tutto, Morning sun perchè è la meta dell'uomo in bilico sulla corda della copertina,la sintesi delle nostre vicende diventate canzoni.
Testi e storia sono in Inglese

You're probably asking yourself who the hell I am or why I'm telling you about my life.
Anyway, this is my story...
I am a nobody coming from a place called nowhere. All I can remember is
that I found myself on a sandy beach under a shiny moonlight. I didn't know
how I ended up there and around me there was nothing apart from a very
long bridge which faded away on the horizon...
So I walked towards it and as I made the first steps on the bridge a storm
came out of nowhere. I was suddenly surrounded by high waves, pouring
rain and thunders. I turned back but the beach disappeared like it never
existed. I couldn’t move, I was stuck in the mire. "Why again?! Why does
bad luck keep chasing me everywhere?" I thought. I was so scared that I
wanted to cry, but I had no tears left. I was sure I would have died there, so I
yelled at the sky: “Is there a god for me up there?” but the only answer I got
was more rain and thunders. After a few seconds I managed to wriggle out of
the mire and I started running as fast as I could. I was panicking because a
giant wave was coming to me, I couldn’t escape , I knew I was going to be
overwhelmed: it was over for me. The wave hit me and at that point
something strange happened, I started falling in a waterfall, but I wasn’t
really falling down, I was falling up: I was falling to the stars.
I wasn’t alone; beside me I noticed a shadow. A shadow of a girl. She was a
nobody like me, but the most beautiful nobody I've ever seen in my life. It
was love at first sight, but, you know, it’s so hard to say “I love you”. She was
falling faster than me as I heard her voice: “We will meet next time at the
end of your trip! Just remember Me whatever happens”. “Why, why we have
to say goodbye?” I screamed, trying to reach for her in vain. The second
after she disappeared like a comet in the outer space. I was alone again,
wandering in my thoughts, thinking of me and her together, hand in hand
jumping from star to star, and in that precise moment I realized that "this
could be us”. One love, one thing, one shadow lost in the universe.
She was the one I’ve been looking for and I would have done anything to see
her again... so I closed my eyes and said to myself “I will, I will reach the
end of my trip. But from now on I have to believe in myself ”.
I was sure that beyond the difficulties, the strength of my will would have led
me to something extraordinary.
When I opened up my eyes again, I saw a string coming down from a star. I
grabbed it and started to climb up, against the gravity that was pulling me
towards a huge black hole. When I finally reached the top of the string, I felt
like an astronaut above the world.
I suddenly felt exhausted and as I struggled to stay awake I heard a voice
coming from nowhere. It was singing a soft and sweet melody: a lullaby, a
lullaby for an old child like me...
I finally fell asleep and got lost in a dream in black and white. I couldn’t
believe my eyes: the girl was there, I could see her beautiful face again! The
tears started to fall again from my dried eyes. “Honey, could you help me to
find a way to paint the grey?” she asked me, and so we started to throw
colors everywhere just like on a blank canvas. She was my Dreamer who
saved me from my nightmare. “Dream, dream, dream and never stop
dreaming, reality will follow” she said while fading away again.
And then, just before sunrise I heard a voice yelling “Wake up, a new day
has come, and now it’s time to dream and to get up!“.
I woke up and I was upset. I was back on that damned bridge but now
everything was calm and beautiful, the storm was gone and the tender light
of the MORNING SUN showed me that there were six strings on that bridge,
just like the guitar I was holding in my hands.
This time I could see that in front of me there was a sign on which was
“Welcome to Dis Quiet Place”.
At that very moment I understood that my journey was finally over.


Mix e Master e produzione a cura Sandro Vendrame a "Beyond Room"
Grafiche e Copertina:
Claudio Gerardi
Simone Marelli
Claudio Gerardi
Lorenzo Madaro
Andrea D'Attis


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