Descrizione a cura della band

DJoNemesis & Lilly appears in the following tracks:

4. "Campo di Marte" 3.58 Leading Vocals by DJoNemesis, Backing Vocals by Stella Demaris and Figli d’Orione.
6. "We Are Coming Soon" 4.43 Vocals by DJoNemesis, Elise de Suces and Figli d'Orione.

Produced by Fabio Nocentini and Giuseppe Ciucci.

Sound Engineering: DJoNemesis & Lilly, Fabien de La Noisette.
Recorded at the Pleyad Studios in Florence and Turin, Italy.
Copyright © 2016, Fratelli Stellari - All rights reserved


Music composed by: Bird Creek, John Deley and the 41 Players, Jingle Punks, Karstenholymoly, Kevin MacLeod, Gunnar Olsen, Robbero, Sawtooth, Jason Shaw, Silent Partner, Vibe Tracks, Nathan Wills.


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