Doctors In Mexico - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics B



Credits B

Music by: Doctors In Mexico
Lyrics by: Doctors In Mexico

Testo della canzone

Hey there, I'm so late
Hope you'll forgive me
Let me take you to a fine spot
where I'll make sweet love to you
The only problem is
there's no such place in town
perhaps we won't lay down
Think woman, think!
where can I drive you
to make you scream?
Car sex is underrated
and pretty unsafe these days.
You'll probably get robbed
or cut in pieces anyway
I gotta push my mind over the limit
I'm gonna think this problem through
I kinda made a hundred miles
just to have sex with you
Think woman think
where can I drive you
to make you scream?

Album che contiene B

album Bile - Doctors In MexicoBile
2015 - Strumentale, Stoner, Sperimentale
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