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Credits C

Music by: Doctors In Mexico
Written by: Fcogzzi

Testo della canzone

Drive quietly baby.
Another bullet on the rear window of the car.

Shiny red mustang.

all the money are safe now
mon amour
the caveau is empty
and your heart in the grave.

Motherfucking cops!
You bastards!
You killed my love
you killed my future
and now I’m alone
in the dark highway.

Now my heels are dirty.
When i buried you
I combined the soil with my tears.
My mom never cried for me,
stupid crazy bitch.

I’m following my bad behavior
I’m a bad girl
I know you want my lips.

Drive fast now baby
to the moon
to the father
to the lights of the city.

I will never run away alone
if I can’t have your luxury
I am a weak woman,
you always said to me:
“I will always love you, baby.
like I love money, drugs and sex”.
Please, my lord, forgive my gun now.

The last shot
exactly in the center of the head,
blond hair, blood air.

I don’t have dresses for paradise.
I’m in hell now.
With all my money
all my fuckin gold
and my stupid love.
Rest in peace world
my life begins now.

Album che contiene C

album Bile Doctors In Mexico
Bile 2015 - Strumentale, Stoner, Sperimentale

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