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Credits D

Music by: Doctors In Mexico
Written by: Andrea Trombetta – Beatroom DJ

Testo della canzone

Lucidity’s not an outcome of the way you think.
Sometimes it’s evident by the way you act.
Thinking too much usually saves you
from the most unpleasant situations
and condemn you when everything’s going great.

Under the effect of alcohol and drugs this doesn’t happen.
They accuse you of not being lucid but it’s not like that.
It’s right in that moment that everything’s clearer.
I believe there’s a rule, opposed to the Murphy’ Law, that I’ll call the “D Law”.

This law states that whenever you’re high or drunk
if anything can go well, sure as hell it will.
Nothing can stop you cause you simply think
that this can’t happen.

Your strength is tripled, you don’t feel pain or fatigue anymore.
This law doesn’t involve the ones around you, it is purely egocentric.
We’re talking about happiness and personal temporary satisfaction,
without caring about consequences.

It’s like: I’m stupid and lost in bullshit but I’m happy about it.
And when a dinosaur will enter your bedroom and tear you to pieces,
you won’t be able to even think that what you did was wrong
cause you’ll be already dead.

Album che contiene D

album Bile Doctors In Mexico
Bile 2015 - Strumentale, Stoner, Sperimentale

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