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Credits E

Music by: Doctors In Mexico
Written by: Elisabestia

Testo della canzone

Here comes the king of liars
desperately alone, desperately safe
he’s one of the best friends
I've ever had
because he's myself
truly insane takes a breath
and comes out from the grateful death
in the void I’ve rescued one
cutting veins
instead of hair
so I won
the hardest battle.
She's looking at me
with constancy of desire,
it takes a kiss to lick her bones.
Graveyard screams murder
graveyard screams revenge,
despite you all
he can come back
when he wants.
Now the horizon
at the darkest hour
makes me higher.
Feel the total happiness
of a desperate soul,
everybody is the enemy
for sure i could
for sure i would
The junkie virgin
dances with me
it's a sin I will win
and disappear
beneath the heaviest curtain
of red velvet coagulated blood.

Album che contiene E

album Bile - Doctors In Mexico
Bile 2015 - Strumentale, Stoner, Sperimentale

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