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Credits L

Music by: Doctors In Mexico
Lyrics by: Glass Furs (

Testo della canzone

What’s that noise he hears
It comes from the trap door
He shouldn’t have read E. A. Poe
Down the stairs step by step
He missed one he always does
He hits his head
The pope is dead
He stands up and switches on the light
He cannot believe his eyes
Sparkling clouds in front of him
Chestpain’d galaxies around
Odd fellows stare at him
Can he feel his body?
If only he had drank more milk
He could’ve felt his bones
If you wear latex clothes
Then your thoughts would flow
The light reveals a tiny circus
With an eye he spies in the pavilion
Behind the curtains he sees
Weird humanity
And women with flaws
Blemishes glitches bugs snags
A two-headed girl

A woman with three boobs
A bearded one and one with a hook
He falls in love with each one of ‘em
They geminate to create
A new strain of freaks

Pay attention because one day
They might get you
Making some noise
Through the trap door

Album che contiene L

album Bile Doctors In Mexico
Bile 2015 - Strumentale, Stoner, Sperimentale

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