Whispers never stop - Vol. 1

Whispers never stop - Vol. 1

DrØnes '72

2017 - Rock


Whispers never stop - Vol. 1 is an ode to resilience. The first self-produced EP by DrØnes '72 contains four original tracks and two live bonus tracks. The lyrics intersect different feelings and perspectives, for the most linked to life at the Brussels latitude. Songs explore a variety of sounds, swinging from indie and alternative rock, which sometimes fall into sweeter melodies that then go up loud again, ending into a more aggressive beat and fuzz-hinged sound. The songs were written during the crazy days of the Brussels "lock down" and were recorded right then, in the basement of an old and squeaky maison de maître in downtown Ixelles, while the rest of the city was holding its breathe for the terrorist hunt by police, military and special forces, after the attacks at the Bataclan.
In Bubble Capital Town, truly a hymn to resilience, the band describes the days of the lockdown and the efforts to keep living life as nothing was happening around, with people very slowly getting back to the streets and in their offices, in what had become an all-of-the-sudden militarised city ("We are plastic badges, time regulated, in hiding shelters. It's raining better, on lockdown lives, in Bla-bla center. Beware of Drønes, escape surveillance, and run from senseless").
Certainty describes a very common and recurrent feeling, that comes in cycles at different stages of life. Often, one perceives that everybody else around has all possible answers, while he/she is the only one who did not figure anything out ("Are you sure, that this is place for me, and I won't get to fall?...Are you sure, that doctors have right pills to cure melancholy?"). This feeling was obviously exacerbated in the days of the lockdown.
Tiny Storms is a ballade about insomnia, written in one of the very silent nights of the Brussels lockdown, when the only noises that could break the quite dark were the sounds of police helicopters, kids next door keeping a family awake at late night and, of course, the whispers in one's head ("Silence is a funny story; whispers never stop, so glorious"). This is the sentence that also gives the title to the EP.
Vampires of Vitamin D is a not-so-imaginary conversation with a doctor in Brussels. An ironic song about intellectual, professional, physical, spiritual and sexual burnout in the capital of Europe ("Doctor, wise man, please help, I feel tired, sort of sick. Since days, been sitting and lying, oh I feel tired, sort of sick. Drank Leffe to forget, still too tired, sort of sick. Doctor, tell me, I’m crazy? Or I'm just tired, sort of sick").



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