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Mr. President

Where is my temple, God?
I need a place to pray for love

Why should I stay and hide?
Nothing will change without a chance

Tomorrow can't be denied
So now my religion's name is "Luck"

Let's try to make it bright
Darkness is more than black

Years put the days apart
And I fight to get some seconds back

What's your decision judge,
When putting the blame is a kind of art?

I'll pay for all your lies
Until the day I'll say it's enough

Mister you look so fine
That's not your chance, that's my alarm

I saw another victim
And you're asking for patience

I saw the hand that hit him
While you hate this violence

I saw another victim
I saw the hand that hit him


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La canzone Mr. President si trova nell'album In The Middle uscito nel 2013.

Copertina dell'album In The Middle, di Dropeners

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