Descrizione a cura della band

Selected Wreckages, as the title suggests, is a careful assortment from these recording. Although, it stems principally from rehearsal sessions, it is so advance in its shape and form, that is virtually undistinguishable from what it would have been a final recording for release purposes, if not for the simplicity of the double-mono recording device. The tracks have been mastered and finally digitalized in February and March 2008. Based on the contrast between the very tidy and linear guitar lines and the presence f heavily filtered and manipulated keyboards, the music of The Dutch Courage is dark, cold, melancholic flux, often evocative, and reminding of the effect f the sound of distant lullabies heard one hundred meters under water, in the middle on the ice-encrusted landplane, or on the top of sandy dunes in a desolated land.


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