ELEKTROLABIO - RUN testo lyric


(A.Buono - F.Borghi)

Whatching the sunrise
trying to find the right way
here comes the sunshine
to solve and light every choice
I think I should leave
now I've made up my mind
'cause nobody knows me
nobody knows my dreams
and you could give up to say:
"It's just not worth waiting
for something
you're not able to reach"
now I have a new way
I can change my mind
and I really start to

Run run run to the sun
run away from the dark
hanging in my heart...ouoh
run run run to the sun
do you mind that it's hard
when you break my heart?... ouoh
run run run to your love
run away from the cold
hanging in my heart.. ouoh
run run run to your love..

Unlock emotions
you've got something to share
deeper devotion
all I want you to know
how many tears could be saved
life is the real thing
that you can make by yourself
my days are new days
just for me and you
let's take a chance and


uoh... this is the love
I'm waiting for
uoah... yes, it's you
I'm waiting for
it's time, be yourself
in your heart
don't lay down
don't let me down

(don't let me down)

I go where I go
and I get there fast for tomorrow
you can't stop me now
'cause it's life I wanna know... uoh..


...to your love.


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traccia #1 di TRANSITIONAL


(A.Buono - F.Borghi)
voice: ALEK
produzione: it.linkedin.com/in/alessand…


La canzone RUN si trova nell'album TRANSITIONAL uscito nel 2011.

Copertina dell'album TRANSITIONAL, di ELEKTROLABIO

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