Ellis Cloud - New Flying Socks testo lyric


a traffic burst 
that reoccurs
my favourite park
a parking lot
this year you've got
new flying socks
a lot of fun
look dad, it really works

i need it now 
i need it 'cause
I don't know why I don't know why
it changed their lives
improving mine
why don't you try? why don't you try?

it strikes me that
you're out of sight
though you're with me
the lessons's learned
the past has yet
to come...to come

so close we are 
so close so far
away from us
away from us

I'll keep in touch
as long as I'm
not occupied
not occupied
I will, I will...


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La canzone New Flying Socks si trova nell'album Born in The 20's uscito nel 2016.

Copertina dell'album Born in The 20's, di Ellis Cloud

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