Eloisa Atti - Edges testo lyric


You're like a rock in the sea,
I’m like the wind
You're like a tall oak tree,
I am a falling leaf
Your roots are deep and hold you where you stand
and as I fall, I see nowhere to land

I’m like a bird in the sky,
you are a lion
You cannot jump that high
and yet you're trying
Your lair is empty and I’ve got no nest,
I’m tired of flying
and yet I cannot rest.

You're a creature of the sun,
I’m a vampire
I’m a daughter of the moon,
you're a son of the fire
Your will to love is scaring me to death,
you're gaining ground
and I’m running out of breath


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Eloisa Atti - vocals
Michele Carnevali - ocarina
Erica Scherl - violin
Tim Trevor Briscoe - clarinets
Marco Bovi - electric guitar
Emiliano Pintori - piano
Stefano Senni -  bass
Zeno De Rossi - drums and percussion


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La canzone Edges si trova nell'album Edges uscito nel 2017 per Alman Music, Alman Music.

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