Elvenking - Dominhate testo lyric


[Lyrics by: Aydan]

(A day of Life, a night of Sex
I'm going through every kind of excess
Till I find myself hating the mirror
Where a Stranger sees me clad in terror)

A lullaby of personalities
Introduce another side of me
A demonic twist of Fate
Trying to dominate my hate
Whip my soul and caress my flesh
'til the whines melody still lasts
A burning wish, a lechery
There's a demon in me

I guess I will be falling,
I can't deny
Into a hole of fire that shines so bright

If I am ready for the calling?
I cannot tell
I'm reaching for the skies or the flames of hell

So the moment has arrived now, it sounds so strange
I though it would be different what has changed?

The love, the proud and the libertine
- remember what you were?
Has left his evil flowers for his Christine

...And with them all her sins

Whip my soul and caress my flesh
till the whines melody still lasts
A burning wish, a lechery
There's a demon in me

The dirty shameful and obscene
- so shameful Was that me?
Has dug a humid grave for another Catherine

...another name to sin...with...

Face the side of me that hates
The side of my disgrace
Where I could not step in

Thanks to all of you who had so much patience
And so much passion for my soul
You can't understand all the importance you had
And how much you have meant
To this little life that I have lived

And to all the rest to whom tried to bring me
Down and to wound my own trust
You stole my innocence destroyed ideals
And you need to be damned
I am cursing you from down below

Look me in the eyes
And face all my blinded hate
I would be afraid cause I will get ya!

Please, remember me and don't forget
Remember me for what I really was

You, a sweet verse of poetry
The flavour of a life that fades away

Time to say good bye, to finish what's undone
Time for a last kiss before she has gone
Save best for last?

Take another night another's passing by
Dark will cover all will eclipse and hide
The lives of all

You, a sweet verse of poetry
The flavor of a life that fades away

(On that Night of Nights, She came my way
Under the rain, dirty with agony and pain
Death of sorrow, Death of misery
The scythe has fallen... was it for me?)


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La canzone Dominhate si trova nell'album The Scythe uscito nel 2006 per Afmusic, Audioglobe.

Copertina dell'album The Scythe, di Elvenking

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