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Descrizione Elephant

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"Elephant" is the last track by Italian experimental rock band Endless Rêve's 2013 album, ''The Fifth Season''.

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Credits Elephant

Giuseppe Scarlatino - Guitars, Sound Effects, Vocals
Vincenzo Lopez - Piano, Keyboards, Organs, Synth
Michele Vitobello - Bass Guitars, Video
Giovanni Mennuni - Drums, Octapad, Percussion, Glockenspiel
Vito Antonio Filomeno - Drums, Octapad, Percussion

Testo della canzone

told me that
you're too old
to change your road
too many paths
here there are
and too little time
as if on your own way
will pass Godot

But the elephants fly

you feel better?
would you like
to see them too?
ranging elefants
in the sky
but you need to relax
because your eyes are
looking on the ground

While the elephants fly

Do you want to feel better?
you do not need to pay
look at the greatest
show of your head

No fits of anger
turn out your maps
the sky is clear
just look around

The elephants fly

Album che contiene Elephant

album The Fifth Season - Endless RêveThe Fifth Season
2013 - Sperimentale, Elettronico, Post-Rock
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