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Descrizione Two more days

Recorded by Andrea Norzi
Mixed by Simone Lampedone

Credits Two more days

Guitar&vox___Andrea Norzi
2ndGuitar___Andrea Fornari

Testo della canzone

Two More Days

Stacked in a city where everybody’s gone
It’s hard but it can figure on
Two more days

If you feel just your body and soul
But you can’t, you can’t see you’re alone
There’s no way

Then you’ll find yourself
Cracked in this way of seeing
And I’ll find myself
Stacked in this your city, oh please!
Help me
Help me

If your father wanna break you down
And your mother wanna wanna make that sound
Just like peace

When there’s nothing that can make you fell proud
But this fire burning down their house
Just like grease

Then I saw, I saw you there
You were gone, gone out there
If I try to open up your minds
I’m gonna write this song in two ways
Everything must figure on
That you broke my love today

Then you’ll find yourself
Stacked in this way of being
And I’ll find myself
Cracked in your house, oh please!
Help me
Help me

Album che contiene Two more days

album Hometown Summer Endriukas
Hometown Summer 2011 - Rock, Pop, Acustico

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