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What The River Said

And I said:
“Would you be my friend,
When there’s nothing wrong,
But there’s nothing left to see?”

But you thought:
“What I’ve got to do? Or
Why should I believe to my old and
Paranoid child?”

Then I saw
An old dream come true,
That was about me
And was about you!

We were
Walking over
The whole


If I try to
Speak so loud that
I cannot hear you
I see you searching
A gateway
But then you find me
And I collapse too
We’re gonna choke each other
This is a black day
That we can’t escape

And you said:
“Oh, I’ve got no words!
What I thought you was?
What I thought I was here for?”

But I thought:
“Oh, I’ve got a lot of words
And you’re going to cry high
And you’re going to cry all night!”

Then you saw
The river
Between me
And you!

And we heard
The water
Crying for
Us too!


If you try to
Speak so loud that
You cannot hear me
You see me searching
A gateway
And when I find you
Then you collapse too
We’re gonna drown together
In our black way
But (now) we can escape


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Recorded by Andrea Norzi
Mixed by Simone Lampedone


Guitar&vox___Andrea Norzi
2ndGuitar___Andrea Fornari


La canzone What the river said si trova nell'album Hometown Summer uscito nel 2011.

Copertina dell'album Hometown Summer, di Endriukas

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