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Esma Project has taken his music from busking on the streets of Fremanlte and Perth to the world. His irresistible energy has generated a word of mouth buzz not seen for some time.The acclaimed live act has been shaking dance floors and selling out rooms across Europe (UK, Italy, France) Russia and Australia sharing thousands of Cd independently.
Esma Project dreams, invents, experiments. He creates space for new relationships, new languages, new imaginary. He lives, breathes, makes mistakes. 24 hours a day, every day. It is a project collective struggle for the dissemination of critical thinking, the right of choice and responsibility, the right to curiosity, the defense of beauty and access to knowledge for all. Esma Project plays and writes to awaken happiness, to remember that every improvement in the world always starts from our intent and attitude. The enthusiasm and the smile must be cultivated every day, love and desire are the only healthy nutrients.
The gloomy post-rock with an industrial fleur - music for long hikes through abandoned halt. Recorded entirely on raw, "dirty" and unkempt sound, this "stressed" LP conveys a sense of abandonment and loneliness in the midst of vast expanses . But there are also songs of joy and happiness in which the uniform humming organ rotor plunges you deeper into the abyss of detachment. The perfect soundtrack for Friday meditation in your de-energized bachelor apartment.


Album registrato fra Febbraio e Luglio 2015 presso il Pons Head Recordimg Studios
a Fremantle (Western Australia).
Mixato da Josh Hoogan e Masterizzato Da Jared Finley.
Brani scritti e prodotti da Esma Project.

Batteria: Jill Eater
Basso: Tashi Hall
Chitarre: Erik Esma
Voce e cori: Erik Esma



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