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Considering the current pace and magnitude of global change in the world today, there couldn't be a better time for the release of an album titled The Old And The New World. Coming at any other moment in time, this album would not mean as much. But this isn't that moment. No, this is the moment for ETHIENNE to shine. And shine they do, with a highly impressive debut that succeeds not only because of the fluid balance it keeps between reach and restraint, but also for its inventive songwriting and overall entrancing pulse. The velvet-like, alternating vocals carry the listener through curtain-raising anthems, atmospheric rhythms, climatic choruses and full-on rock moments with hushed overtones and sweetly placed falsettos that surround the words with warmth and confidence. It's impossible not to submit to the soaring melody of So Goodnight Day or the melancholic appeal of Ultrapop!...and by then you are only two tracks deep. This album is more than a glorious achievement for this you…

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