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Credits Delirium Tremens

Event Horizon

Testo della canzone

(Dance) In the heat of the light On the top of the stage Up and down on the pole, now babe!! (x3)

A lonely night in a dark club Spending all time sipping a cold drink waiting for something or someone to meet someone who can be my brand new hub. cracking my brain, my troubles and sins burning inside me, no way to believe! A music attracts me to the sensual girl a devil disguised with a tight G-string

I’m gonna drink another Jack the only thing in life I’m sure that I deserve watching that girl, she’s smiling at me I’m touching her legs, her skin is so smooth whispering things that I cannot repeat admiring the show, the way she moves. Don’t ask me if it’s right or wrong, I can barely say if it’s real or not...

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2013 - Sperimentale, Rock, Blues
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