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We were born to move.. we are puppets on a paper stage spending lives trying to improve escaping the curse of age so I moved on the quite side I’m asking that girl to dance I’m making her dance through night God It’s my only chance
We will make the move we will change this week tell me when you’ve changed becoming a freak. A thought I must remove a thought I must arrange a damage I can fix a guilt that never change
we get stuck in a Odd Fiction babe Should build a new reality together we’ll make a brand new world (x3)
I’m changing my name chasing her to the east to the end of the zodiac. I wonder if exist a life across the bridge a silent place where live just a slight improvement in the end, at least
Birth of something new particles or universe giant storm or waves lots of kids or few. Well, whatever it is we have to sit and see with the babies’ eyes amazement at first sight
keep your soul lawless light as a feather and take care of what you love the most keep shelter when you’ll be there you’ll be there, you’ll be there. Please don’t stay out in the rain, baby it’s cold outside!

keep your soul lawless light as a feather and take care of what you love!!


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Event Horizon


La canzone Odd Fiction si trova nell'album Home Demo uscito nel 2012.

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