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Credits Roaming On A Battlefield

Event Horizon

Testo della canzone

I saw the moon in a deep pit, baby! She was waiting for me a piece of Space in a small hole, baby! Down, 5 meters deep. A golden coin spilled in a dark place. Priceless, with no time. I wish I could take it, maybe one day, that jewel, it’s not a crime

Don’t ever mess with your Love, roaming out on a battlefield! Don’t ever make your Love cry, roaming out on a minefield!(x3)

Glass splinters around you, baby! Be careful making a move. Choose to live a life of ease, everything you need. Try to fence in your little garden. You separate from the world. If you create this borderline, leave your Love alone!

When the streaming light appears on scene over the battlefield It steals the show. Please don’t fight the flow! It all goes on It all works out. If you go with the tide, along the way, you will find the real cure, healer of human race. brand new metter blind and pure!

We try, we apply, we reply, we lie, we cry... WE CRY!!

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album Home Demo Event Horizon
Home Demo 2013 - Sperimentale, Rock, Blues

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