Event Horizon - Run In The Desert testo lyric


Every day when I walk on the street People look at me and pass me by. Street lights and neon burn my face up Oh the fever is becoming high
But one day I turn a different corner different people from a foreign place the shape in front o’ me was really blur, just the eyes of a girl, the biggest grace!!

Desire on her face is like a run in the desert, no stop during the race this is a run in the desert(x3)

The next day I came back to that corner to meet the flame-eyed-girl I saw! At the same time I heard a high call the girl was coming closer n’ closer.
I couldn’t hear what she said, not a word I was standing there... a wave of her hand. If I only took her pretty white hand I would run with her throughout the world


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La canzone Run In The Desert si trova nell'album Home Demo uscito nel 2012.

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