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Credits The Ballad Of The Busy Minds

Event Horizon

Testo della canzone

Awake in the bad in a sterilized night... catching the streetlights that filter inside. the quiet and violent shapes of the shades. expecting a figure that do not appear!

It seems that the time has laughed in my face It’s crystalized like life in the space! as soon as I watch the wall outside, ten thousand lice run shuning the light

I’m waiting for thee !! You, my measure of space!! When you’ll be here, all will fall into place!! (x3)

If you Know what I mean, well it doesn’t mean a thing. no way to quantify humanity’s greed! a sheer coincidence when they count on you, it’s always awful when there’s something new!

Disturbing silence in the king lion’s cage! The princess’ sex tape, a public outrage! Not everything here must have a sense, trying to make it, it’s just a pretence!

This restless mind is what keeps me alive!! This restless mind is what keeps me alive!!

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album Home Demo Event Horizon
Home Demo 2013 - Sperimentale, Rock, Blues

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