In Her Eye 'Cause You're Back Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

In Her Eye 'Cause You're Back Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Shoegaze, Psichedelico, New-Wave 

Milano, Lombardia



Testo della canzone

Another crash into the night we spent
Another crash in our minds ‘cause you’re back
Sadness on our hearts ‘cause you’re back -
Another day testing my mind ‘cause you’re back

Complicated remembering of our past
Have changed winsom in boredom

And now? we’ve taken another way
A way without no happiness
But yes, our happiness was a mistake
Full of weapons and despair
(the way you're back)

And now? we’ve took another way
For a happiness we was not ready for
For a happiness that does not belong to us
And ‘cause you’re back it goes away
(the way you're back)

Album che contiene 'Cause You're Back

album Anywhere Out Of The World - In Her Eye
Anywhere Out Of The World 2011 - New-Wave, Indie, Shoegaze Nomadism

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