Life is about colours


2019 - Pop


As human beings gifted of free choice we have the unique feature to paint our lives according to our own pallet.
Life is a journey across unreliable grounds of feelings, reason, experiences of joy and pain, emotions and passions. The way we decide to mix together all these ingredients and the ability we have to interact with our own, will eventually determine and contribute to create the final tapestry of our existence.
We can always decide to be authors or observers to use our talents or leave them idle but in both cases the choice is up to us.
This album is our effort to accomplish with music and lyrics some colorful pictures about life.


Music & Lyrics by Andrea Bazzechi
Produced by Andrea Bazzechi & Carlo Bonamico
All songs arranged by Carlo Bonamico except Gypsies and Crazy World arranged by Andrea Checcucci

Andrea Bazzechi: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Marzio Benelli: Electric guitar
Carlo Bonamico: Electric bass and contrabass
Andrea Checcucci: Electric guitars, acoustic guitars (3, 7)
Riccardo Centazzo: Accordion
Hildegard Kuen: Viola
Doudugno Santos Eljero: Percussions
Michele Zappatini: Drums


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