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Since when Ben met Hanna his duty is to protect her with his eyes
On the Sunday's train
She Is so pretty
She is so shy
She never speaks
And when she does
Everything turns out to be so special
Now together they feel safe
Or more precisely
Less in danger
we will never understand
the way they look out of the window
No they truly do not need
Any one else
No doctors
No parents
No friends
They're so excited
They just can't wait
To reach that place
To bury all their pain
Their stress
Every other thing
Under the sand
of an opaque beach
To forget about it
For at least a couple weeks
Kicking the waves
Feeling so dumb
Nobody can stop them
Nobody can stop us
Nobody can stop you
They fight
The sight
Of light
Their face
Is bright
She's wrong
She's right
They fly
So high that
They smell
the sky
It falls
that thing
They had


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La canzone Foonesta si trova nell'album Loite uscito nel 2016.

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