Fabio Nobili (fans page) - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Glad man blues



Testo della canzone

I'm a really really glad man
'cos I've got you
I'm a really really glad man
'cos you've got me too
'cos we look at an the passing skirts
with the same intensity

I'm a really really glad man
when I see you
'cos you give new nerve to my joy
any time you think as me
and you never let me down
please 'cos you're with me

now I feel so good and glad here
'cos you sleep with me
and still more good and glad as you can see
'cos you wake-up with me
and the best think I know
we'll be together along a the time

Album che contiene Glad man blues

album Bolina - Fabio Nobili (fans page)Bolina
2014 - Blues Riserva Sonora
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