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Disinformation causes frustration into the absent mind, and so cover the scars and try to find a way through.
I’m so alive that I can’t find an easy way to cry.
I’m so alive so could I just pull off the shadows from my eyes
Finding a way to hide what covers all my skyes..
Just find an easier way to die..
I’m so unquiet began from my desires to just make an end on my own time,
and so pull off the spiders that came into (how they came into?)
What shall go down, can rise up and scream untill the sun, will teach a new life how to get the strenght of feeling safe and sound. (Safe and Sound)

All of our days passing thru haze, swallowed by daze, asking the skyes, sinking and sinking with blood shot eyes...
Seas now are shaking, our ships are sinking in hollows, and all of your treasures can’t reach the sky...
And when you’ll find yourself into it... with a hand on your chest you will ear no more sound...
No beating heart but brand new ears to hear a sound.
Ground no more ground, but brand new eyes will look the clouds
look: there’s silence all the way through.
Takes my breath away to see our desperate odds...

Empty words... Empty words...
Empty words... Empty words...

And stars will shine theyr desperate glowin’..
And still resonate in my head the sound of words unspoken.

The useless, the homeless, the humble, the rich,
we all be so breathless, the end’s what we reach.
Like mothers and flowers, the haters and lovers,
the bullets, the kisses, untouchable prints.
The gods, believes, presences and myths
they’ll feel alone and looking for slaves.
Looking for a begin, for someone to feel,
for someone who cries, he can’t understand!

We fail, we kill, we suffer and weep,
but that’s what we were, and no more it will be.
A shadow, that print, a billion ants dead,
with mouths full of gold, too red to be good.
With eyes of fire, we stare at the sun,
it seems to shine why am I so cold?!
And everything that has ever been built
is passing with me, we’re all so fragile!

And tombs, and tombs we can’t all be graved.
The deaf eye of god, toward us is closed.
The end is the end, to relative eyes,
someone, perhaps, will find a new way.

Album che contiene Present

album 12.21.12 - Filth in my Garage
12.21.12 2012 - Rock, Noise, Hardcore Goodfellas

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