Flying Elephants Circus - Eleonoire, my Dear testo lyric


What can i do? What can i say?
that night my soul was maybe grey
I don’t remember, i was alone
there was a light, go with the flow

Then she, looked at me
she had the eyes of a deer
she said: “c’mon boy, it’s alright!
you jump in the car,
we’ll ride the night!”

Sweet darling,
I’m not here to stay
I know that you love me but, you’ll be ok
just come here and give me some money
I promise, you’ll see the heaven, honey

So, we walk the night
we now ride this night
can’t you see this fabulous sight?
dont’ you worry baby, it’s alright

Eleonoire my dear,
I want you so bad but
I’m starting to hate you
‘cause you see,
there is no direction in what i do
or in what i am,
I dont know who i am
and listen,
nobody trust you anymore
If you tell the same joke
every night


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Produced By Flying Elephants Circus
Music by Flying Elephants Circus
Written by Flying Elephants Circus
Recorded at 'InTheCantine' Studio by Federica Canciello and Federico Tacchia except the drums recorded at Kutso Noise Home, in Rome.
Mixed by Federica Canciello
Audio Mastering Marco Compagnucci


La canzone Eleonoire, my Dear si trova nell'album Flying Elephants Circus uscito nel 2015.

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