Fräulein Alice - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Videodrome Monochrome



Descrizione Videodrome Monochrome

Primo estratto dall'album "I love you Lucilia", in uscita a gennaio 2012

Credits Videodrome Monochrome

Music & Lyrics by: Livio Lombardo & Andrea Curcuraci

Etichetta: Seahorse Recordings
Edizione: New Model Label
Distribuzione: Audioglobe

Testo della canzone

I’m playing with my eyes
Gazed at those frames
We ran towards the sky
White bitter in my veins
I was just a child
I didn’t get your mind
Your hair onto your face are
faded pictures of my rage

Now we’re nothing in the crowd
Memories of wine, vomit and cocaine
I can’t hear your choked shouts
And imagine colors of the rain
No more bed of cracking leaves
Where our bodies used to live
In the hollow of my home
All is painted in monochrome


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